The Hugh M. Hefner Foundation

The Hugh M. Hefner Foundation was established to facilitate individual rights in our democratic society.  The primary purpose of the foundation is to support organizations that advocate for and defend civil rights and civil liberties with special emphasis on First Amendment rights and rational sex and drug policies.

Hugh M. Hefner was one of the first social entrepreneurs.  Soon after he created Playboy magazine, he drafted the Playboy Philosophy to articulate the social goals for his new company.  In 18 installments, Mr. Hefner described the guiding principles of his editorial and personal points-of-view.  Today, the Playboy Philosophy serves as the basis for our philanthropic efforts.  While times have changed since the Playboy Philosophy was originally published, the sentiment described in the credo about our society, its morals, and our desire to see progressive values triumph are as relevant as ever.

As Mr. Hefner stated in an early installment: “Progress necessarily requires the exchange of outdated ideas for new and better ones.  By keeping open all lines of communication in our culture, every new idea–no matter how seemingly perverse, improper or peculiar, has its opportunity to be considered, to be challenged, and ultimately to be accepted or rejected by society as a whole or by some small part of it.  This is the important advantage that a free society has over a totalitarian, for in a free exchange of ideas, the best will ultimately win out.”

We hope the projects and ideas that the foundation supports receive vigorous debate in our democratic nation and lead to expansive civil rights and civil liberties as well as broad application of the First Amendment and rational sex and drug policies.