First Amendment Program

The Hugh M. Hefner (HMH) Foundation supports robust First Amendment rights.  The blueprint for our support was initially articulated in the Playboy Philosophy, originally drafted by Mr. Hefner in the 1960s.  The first installment of the Playboy Philosophy appeared in Playboy magazine’s ninth anniversary issue in December 1962.  It was published in 25 installments with the last published in January 1966.

“A ‘bad’ book or movie is a matter of taste or opinion, and nothing more. And in our free society, we are fundamentally opposed to the suppression of ideas with which we do not agree, or the forcing of our own ideals onto others…for no one is forced to buy or read the book that does not please him or attend the movie or watch the television program that offends his personal sensibilities.  We are all left the freedom of choice, as we should be in a free society, without the specter of censorship hanging over us”  – Hugh M. Hefner, The Playboy Philosophy

Since the founding of the HMH Foundation in 1964, we have sought to support organizations on the vanguard of the debate about First Amendment rights. In addition, we have helped push back the forces of censorship by providing funds to aid programs that worked to make the public aware of the importance of maintaining a broad concept of the First Amendment.

Grants have been made to aid numerous organizations with projects and programs consistent with our views and typically in the range of $5000 to $10,000.  Grants are made on a rolling basis.  We do not accept unsolicited grant proposals, but letters of inquiry can be sent to the following address:

Hugh M. Hefner Foundation
280 S Beverly Dr #211
Beverly Hills, CA 90212