Rational Sex and Drug Policy Program

The Hugh M. Hefner (HMH) Foundation supports organizations working for, and committed to, the implementation of rational sex and drug policies.  The blueprint for our support was initially articulated in the Playboy Philosophy, originally drafted by Mr. Hefner in the 1960s.  The first installment of the Playboy Philosophy appeared in Playboy magazine’s ninth anniversary issue in December 1962.  It was published in 25 installments with the last published in January 1966.

“We believe that a society that emphasizes the individual and his freedom, is based upon reason, and has happiness as its aim is an ideal society and one to be strived for.” – Hugh M. Hefner, The Playboy Philosophy

Since the founding of the HMH Foundation in 1964, we have sought to support organizations on the vanguard of the debate about rational sex and drug policies.  Similar to the organizations that we support, our goals are to assist programs and projects that advance a society where drug policies are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights which promotes the sovereignty of individuals over their minds and bodies. In addition, advances in medical marijuana policy have continued to drive the development of rational drug laws that we believe are critical to societal acceptance of drug policies based on reason and that balance the rights of the individual with suitable societal regulation.

During the sexual revolution, the HMH Foundation highlighted the incongruous fact that the most common kinds of sexual behavior, engaged in by the great majority of our adult society, were illegal.  Today, we believe rational policies and laws, especially related to a sex-positive culture and reproductive rights and health, are at the forefront of the debate about sex policy. In recent years, a movement to support sex-positive culture has shown promise.  As some sexologists have suggested, sex-positivity encourages diversity, desire, and different relationship structures based on individual choices and consent.  The sex-positive movement also advocates comprehensive and accurate sex education.

Grants have been made to aid numerous organizations with projects and programs consistence with our views and typically in the range of $5000 to $10,000.  Grants are made on a rolling basis.  We do not accept unsolicited grant proposals, but letters of inquiry can be sent to the following address:

Hugh M. Hefner Foundation
280 S Beverly Dr #211
Beverly Hills, CA 90212